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The Juici Patties Story

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    The authentic Jamaican island flavor and delicious opportunity of a Food Franchise

    Learn how you can be one of the first to bring this popular fast food franchise flavor revolution to the U.S. market.

    A Classic Franchise

    At Juici Patties restaurant franchise, our goal is to give our customers a flavorful, spicy, delicious taste of Jamaican fast food. Our modern take on food preparation, store design, and service options gives us the tools to feed the people and spread the word on patty franchises across the country.

    We love what we do, and we bring that love to all our stores.

    Our commitment to excellent service and quality is a family tradition.


    Authenticity You Can Taste

    Jamaican culture and flavors are magical and unforgettable. Many have tried to imitate them, but it takes an authentic Jamaican franchise to make them available in the U.S. for the first time.

    Our heritage comes from Jamaica, and we keep our story close to our heart, to give us guidance and help ensure that we maintain strong ties to our past and use it to inform how we treat every customer who walks through our doors.

    Juici Patties is one of the top restaurant franchises that cares about every customer, because it took one customer at a time to help us get our start.

    A Jamaican Franchise with Community Roots

    The Juici Patties journey begins in 1980, when Jukie Chin began making beef patties in his mother’s kitchen in Jamaica and selling them in the family’s grocery store. They were a hit, and the first Juici Patties location soon opened in Jamaica.

    It didn’t take long for the word to spread across the island of the new patty (Jamaican) franchise making waves and bringing smiles to customers’ faces, and we were soon opening more sites and making ourselves a part of the island culture.

    Today, Juici Patties is the largest patty franchise in Jamaica, with 62 stores and more on the way.

    Juici Patties Franchise in USA
    Juici Patties U.S. CEO Daniel Chin

    Juici Patties U.S. CEO Daniel Chin

    Juici Patties Franchise Founder

    CEO Daniel Chin

    Jukie Chin’s son Daniel recognized the potential of Juici Patties as a brand, and he was determined to bring the irresistible appeal of his family’s patty franchise to the United States.

    In 2013, Daniel Chin joined the business, and he is now the CEO of the U.S. branch of Juici Patties. Daniel Chin recognizes the importance of quality and customer care, and he aims to develop our presence in the U.S. with those touchstones in mind.

    The Future

    As the business landscape evolves and changes with the times, Juici Patties is ready to bring its new and exciting take on modern fast food to the U.S.

    We never forget how we transformed ourselves from goods on a shelf in a small grocery store to a domestic Jamaican powerhouse, and we aim to use that same spirit to guide our development as a U.S. fast-casual force.

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