The First Fast Food Franchise of its kind in the U.S.

07 - 12 - 2022

Maybe you’re a soccer mom, driving around in a minivan, responsible for the hectic lives of three youthful children. Or, perhaps you’re a single, hotshot Miami-based international bank finance lawyer, driving around a sports car, responsible for millions of dollars daily. 

Despite the differences between the individual lives of American adults, most have something in common: limited time. Indeed, the U.S. is well known for its fast-paced lifestyle. That means, Americans often have little time to eat. Thus, the reason that fast food franchise opportunities are so popular in the United States. 

Fast Food Culture in America

Fast food has become synonymous with American culture. In fact, the fast-casual restaurant sector, also known as the fast-food franchise industry, annually generates a whopping $47 billion in revenue. Its growth rate is almost three times that of the restaurant industry as a whole. Simply put, there’s major money in fast food franchises.

  • The fast food industry is just one example of the many food franchise opportunities available. 
  • Though, studies and statistics make fast-food franchises particularly appealing to potential franchise owners. 
  • After all, said data suggests, in the US, fast food is currently the 35th largest industry in the country. 

The Popularity of Ethnic Flavors

Within the fast-food franchise business, studies have shown that 82 percent of people will order ethnic cuisine when available and on the menu; the same studies prove that 32 percent of ethnic-food consumers will pay more for authentic ethnic dishes. 

These statistics opened the door for Jamaica’s largest restaurant chain, Juici Patties, to enter the U.S. fast food franchise market. Juici Patties is one of the first large-scale and well-recognized Jamaican food brands to hit America, and it comes with decades of experience and fanfare. Consider it authentic Jamaican cooking, priced to compete with a burger joint.

What Makes Juici Patties Franchise Unique?

Juici Patties stands apart by offering true authentic Jamaican cuisine in the fast food market. The fast food franchise is best known for its traditional, authentic preparation, ingredients, and flavor. The restaurant aims to represent a “taste of home” for locals and ex-pats of the Caribbean.

While Juici Patties is new to America, it is a known food franchise opportunity. With many locations in Jamaica, the brand is most famous in the Caribbean. The menu includes many ethnic favorites, such as beef and chicken patties, which are similar to empanadas, coco bread, jerk chicken, as well as jerk chicken salads. 

Recently, Juici Patties made plans to expand to six new locations in Florida with goals to expand its fast-food franchise locations outside of the state soon. 

Juici Patties Fast Food Franchise

The fast food franchise uses a data-driven site selection process, working with a mapping company that utilizes census or other data to determine where target consumers are located. 

The corporate headquarters approves franchise locations that offer a high demand for the cuisine and few similar food franchise opportunities and competitors nearby. This puts franchisees on the best possible road to financial success. 

All Juici Patties fast food franchise locations are provided with the same operation software, including a convenient paperless task management app for forms, checklists, employee appraisals and warnings, audits, temp logs, contracts, and documents with easy e-signatures. 

One particularly useful system that every Juici Patties fast food franchise uses is a sales forecast model that instructs the bakers on how many patties they should bake and at what time, guaranteeing patties are always fresh out of the oven. The customers will appreciate this system as much as the cooks. 

The Ideal Franchisee

Juici Patties looks for potential franchisees with a minimum net worth between $420,00 and $918,000, and access to at least $125,000 in liquid capital. For the first 10 fast food franchise locations, the franchisee is required to have restaurant owner or management experience. 

The Juici Patties food franchise opportunity offers two ideal options for potential franchisees. The franchisee can either own and operate the business full-time, spending at least 40 hours per week in the restaurant, or the owner can hire an operating manager to handle the business.