How to Buy an Exciting New Franchise

23 - 05 - 2023

Explore the opportunity to join Juici Patties, a pioneering Jamaican fast-food franchise in the U.S., and capitalize on the growing demand for authentic, diverse culinary options. With comprehensive support and a proven business model, Juici Patties offers a unique investment in a thriving market.

Key Points

  • 🌎 Market Growth: The fast-food industry in the U.S. has grown by 2.5% annually from 2018 to 2023, outpacing the overall economy.
  • 🍴 Consumer Demand: 82% of consumers prefer ethnic cuisines when available, and 32% are willing to pay more for authenticity, highlighting a significant market opportunity.
  • 🇯🇲 Unique Offering: Juici Patties brings authentic Jamaican flavors to the fast-food market, serving as a fresh alternative to traditional fast food.
  • 🔄 Franchise Process: Juici Patties offers a streamlined eight-step process to becoming a franchisee, from initial inquiry to opening day, with various franchise sizes to suit different needs.
  • 💡 Support and Training: Franchisees receive extensive support including site selection, training, management, and access to proprietary ingredients.
  • 💰 Investment Costs: Total investment varies by franchise size, ranging from $386,950 for a small format to $832,550 for a large format with a drive-thru.
  • 📈 Franchise Benefits: Juici Patties provides a robust franchise system with potential for high returns due to the rising popularity of ethnic fast food.

Do you feel uninspired by the bland burger-on-a-stale-bun fast-food restaurants you see over and over again driving around any town in the United States? You’re not alone. There’s an appetite for something fresh among restaurant-goers. That’s why it’s a perfect time to buy a franchise that offers something that’s both different and reliably delicious. Keep reading to learn how to be an early entrant in the growing movement of ethnic fast-food franchises.

Many consumers find themselves in a place of “settling” when the craving for an inspired, international, and exotic meal hits because there’s nothing in town offering anything like that. A franchise that broadens culinary horizons by serving up ethnic flavors and cuisine made with impeccable quality presents an incredible opportunity for someone looking to get a stronghold in the $366.9 billion fast-food industry. That’s exactly why the authentic Jamaican island flavor of Juici Patties is so intriguing.

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Thinking of Buying a Franchise? Review the Current State of the Fast-food Industry First

Over the past five years, the market size of the fast-food industry in the United States has increased faster than the economy overall. The market size has grown 2.5% per year on average every year between 2018 and 2023.

For anyone seeking to buy a franchise, it’s important to know what’s driving this growth. Start by researching the types of culinary trends shaping the market. According to analysts, time-strapped individuals living in urban areas commonly visit fast-food restaurants to save time on cooking. This is significant because the nation’s urban population increased by 6.4% between 2010 and 2020.

While 83% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas, that percentage is projected to increase steadily over the next two decades.

The Best Reason to Buy a Franchise: Fast-Food Customers Are Hungry for Variety

The market is ready for food that’s inspired, international, and exotic. Research shows that 82% of consumers will order ethnic flavors and cuisine when available. However, it’s this next tidbit that will make someone who wants to buy a franchise sit up and take notice. The same research reveals that 32% of ethnic-food consumers will pay more for authentic dishes.

While consumers are hungry for authentic international dishes, stepping outside the burger-sized box doesn’t mean that customers want to forfeit the convenience, speed, and predictability that so often drive them to fast-food restaurants. Food that breaks from convention also has to be fresh, hot, delicious and served with care. As the quintessential Jamaican fast-food option, Juici Patties more than checks all these boxes.

Juici Patties fulfills the desire for a burger alternative with dishes full of big beef flavor and party-on-the-tongue spices. For Franchisees, there’s the benefit of stepping into an established system for fast-casual dining. Franchisees enjoy streamlined and customized restaurant selection, training, assistance with site selection, and continued support beyond opening day.

Juici Patties is what we call a market disruptor. A first-of-its-kind franchise, Juici Patties delivers a menu that’s hard to find outside of Jamaica. Each location recreates the laid-back ambiance of an island eatery with the speediness that makes fast-food restaurants popular.

The Juici Patties menu’s yummy patties feature juicy, tender meat baked into a flaky, crispy crust. The full authentic Jamaican menu delights with jerk chicken and fries, as well as other authentic Island delights made with freshness and quality.

How to Buy a Franchise

Juici Patties provides a streamlined eight-step process that brings you from wondering how to buy a franchise to running a go-to spot for times when cravings for fresh, flaky meat patties hit! If you’d like to buy a franchise, the first step is to simply complete our online inquiry form. This is also the time to download the Juici Patties e-book providing everything you need to know about our niche fast-casual food.

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Pick Your Franchise Size

As an aspiring franchisee, you have the option to choose a franchise package that aligns with your skills, budget, and local market demands. The three options are a quick-service takeout counter (smallest), a fast-casual counter with available seating (mid-size), and a larger location with drive-thru options(largest).

Move Forward With Franchise Ownership

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the Juici Patties brand, we’ll conduct an introduction call lasting five to 10 minutes that gives us a chance to discuss your qualifications. We’ll follow that up with a longer exploratory call that lasts one hour.

If you meet all of the qualifications to become a Juici Patties franchisee, you’ll move forward with completing your candidate profile before attending a franchise disclosure document review with our executives that provides you with a chance to talk about real estate, territories, and other core topics. New franchisees also participate in a Discovery Day at our home office to meet with our CEO! Once your franchise agreement is signed, you are officially a proud Juici Patties franchise owner.

Juici Patties has an experienced support team ready to help with identifying site selection and restaurant designs suited for your territory. Franchisees also receive ongoing support regarding management, finances, customer service, marketing, quality control, and more. Franchisees also get access to established supplier resources for Juici Patties proprietary ingredients.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Franchise With Juici Patties?

Total investment varies based on the format chosen for your new location. The total investment for a small format ranges from $386,950 to $509,500. A mid-size/standard investment ranges from $577,450 to $732,350. Large format total investment ranges from $659,450 to $832,550.

If you’re interested in ownership of one of the first Jamaican restaurant concepts in the United States, contact us today to learn how to become a Juici Patties franchise owner.

Meet the Founder and CEO of Juici Patties Franchise in the United States, Daniel Chin. As the son of Jukie Chin, he inherited a legacy of mouthwatering patties. Recognizing the brand’s potential, Daniel joined the business in 2013 and is now the driving force behind Juici Patties’ success in the U.S. With a strong commitment to quality and exceptional customer care, Daniel aims to expand our presence while staying true to our core values.

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