Juici Patties Franchise Cost

Investment Opportunity

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    The authentic Jamaican island flavor and delicious opportunity of a Food Franchise

    Learn how you can be one of the first to bring this popular fast food franchise flavor revolution to the U.S. market.

    Juici Patties Helps You Find the Franchise Option that Suits You

    We’re ready to grow our patty franchise business, and it’s a journey we’d love to share with others. We’re looking for potential owners to join us and help us work to energize the U.S. fast-casual scene.

    When you join the Juici Patties family, here’s a taste of the advantages your investment brings you.

    • Ownership in one of the first authentic Jamaican restaurant concepts in the U.S.
    • Community giveback and support
    • Partnership in an exciting and growing movement of ethnic fast food

    Your investment in one (or more!) of our patty franchises could make you part of the future of U.S. fast-casual dining.

    We Know Restaurants

    When you start investigating becoming a restaurant owner, a natural concern you might have is that you’re joining a promising brand. They should have the background to help give your restaurants their best chance to attract and retain loyal customers.

    Your investment in a Juici Patties restaurant partners you with our team of franchising veterans. We’ve been opening stores for years, and we’ve used our experience to create a process that helps remove guesswork and legwork.

    Our team grew a small Jamaican business selling patties out of a grocery store into the largest fast-food chain in Jamaica, with 62 stores and counting, and more than 1400 employees. We’re ready to help set you up for what could be a long and satisfying partnership.

    We know restaurants

    Need Customized Restaurant Options? We’re Ready to Help

    At Juici Patties, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We’re ready to customize your patty franchise options to help you start off with a tailored solution that works best for your market.

    Your Initial Investment Depends on Your Needs

    Small format

    $386,950 – $509,500
    (excluding leases)

    Standard format restaurant:

    $577,450 – $732,350
    (excluding leases)

    Large format restaurant:

    $659,450 – $832,550
    (excluding leases)

    All figures include a $45,000 franchise fee.

    See FDD Item 7 for a detailed breakdown of startup costs.

    A Potential Investment in Your Future

    This is an exciting moment for franchise businesses, and you could be part of the action.

    When you become a Juici Patties franchise owner, you have the chance to participate in a growing and potentially disruptive sector of the fast food industry.

    A Proven Track Record

    At Juici Patties, we don’t take your investment for granted. We help our owners get their restaurants open and operating, and our experience in the fast-casual field means that we’re standing by to assist you through any potential issues.

    Our deep background in running our Jamaican business helps to give you peace of mind that you’ve partnered with a team of professionals who take our jobs seriously and want you to succeed.