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    The authentic Jamaican island flavor and delicious opportunity of a Food Franchise

    Learn how you can be one of the first to bring this popular fast food franchise flavor revolution to the U.S. market.

    A Patty Franchise
    for Today

    This is an exciting moment for folks who are interested in becoming a franchise owner. Fast food is part of the fabric of the United States, a key aspect of our lifestyle. We love fast food in this country, and patty franchises could be part of the next big fast-food revolution.

    Food Franchise Opportunities

    The future looks promising for the fast-food sector. Chain restaurants are projected to continue their growth for at least the next five years, and customers have record savings in their pockets.

    The combination of available stores and ready cash means that this could be the right moment to investigate joining the Juici Patties family and opening your own franchise.

    The fast-casual restaurant sector in the United States is a $47 billion industry, placing its growth at a rate almost three times that of the restaurant industry as a whole.

    Authenticity You Can Taste

    Jamaican culture and flavors are magical and unforgettable. Many have tried to imitate them, but it takes an authentic Jamaican franchise to make them available in the U.S. for the first time.

    Why Our Food Franchise?

    Our heritage comes from Jamaica, and we keep our story close to our heart, to give us guidance and help ensure that we maintain strong ties to our past and use it to inform how we treat every customer who walks through our doors.

    Juici Patties cares about every customer, because it took one customer at a time to help us get our start.

    Franchise Opportunity
    Juici Patties Franchise in USA

    Food for Thought

    Consider this:

    • The burger sector dominates fast food in the U.S.
    • Studies have shown that 82% of consumers will order ethnic flavors and cuisine when available.
    • The same studies show that 32% of ethnic-food consumers will pay more for authentic dishes.

    Americans love beef, and they flock to burger chains. But they also enjoy variety and will order ethnic options, especially if the dishes have history and tradition behind them.

    Juici Patties Food Franchise aims to fill the consumers’ need for an alternative to burgers with dishes that give them big beef flavor and add the unmistakable spice and love that come from a Jamaican Juici Patty.

    Our patty franchise could be the right move for your career!

    A Franchise Approach from the Islands to the States

    At Juici Patties, we’re ready to rock the patty franchise category and show our new customers our modern take on the quintessential Jamaican fast-food option.

    We’re on the move and looking to grow. Our blend of authentic dishes, state-of-the-art technology, and fun-loving attitude help to keep our customers coming back, and we’d love to find like-minded people who are interested in joining us on our journey.

    Best International Franchise Opportunity

    An International Franchise Opportunity

    A significant part of finding career success is knowing which path to follow. The “next big thing” is always out there, and the people who recognize it give themselves a better possibility of capitalizing on it.

    Juici Patties offers potential owners the chance to become part of what could be the future of fast-casual food in the U.S. Our international franchise opportunities might be the perfect fit with your career interests as well.

    With our proven track record and a few motivated owners, we’re ready to bring what made us an island sensation to the mainland. You could be part of our movement!